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Silo and Pipe system installation

Silos with a total height of up to 25 m and a diameter of 4.2 m are completely manufactured in the factory and transported by our specialized freight forwarders to the installation site on time.

Before we fix the silos on foundations on site we check and if necessary correct the level of the pre-delivered foundation-ring. The silos have to be unloaded from the transport vehicle by two crane-trucks. A large crane lifts the silo with the two crane eyes on top of the silo into a vertical position. A smaller crane leads the underside and prevents it from touching the ground.

The bulk material is usually transported to the building by suction or discharge. The pipes from the silo to the building are laid by our experienced technicians. We deliver the complete piping with pipe connectors, hoses and the necessary mounting hardware.

We also perform the electrical installation and thus minimize computing interfaces. After the electrical installation we start to operate the system. Only after assuring themselves that the system is working our assemblers will leave the site.