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Flexible inside silos

Flexible silos are in demand everywhere today where bulk goods need to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely with optimum value for money. Versatile solutions from R.R.S. – INTERNATIONAL GmbH. are employed in, among other industries, the plastic, recycling, pharmaceutical, food, animal feed and confectionary industries.

Construction and equipment are precisely adapted to the special requirements of the respective products, e.g. with regard to outlet diameter, inclination or additional filters. With appropriate zone division, the silos or systems components are manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the ATEX guideline. It is also possible to equip high-tech polyester fabrics in accordance with fire class DIN 4102 B2.

The advantages of Flex-Silos:

  • The fabrics used are selected exactly in accordance with the requirements of your bulk goods: In this way, e.g. coated and uncoated fabrics as well as versions approved for food or electrically conducting versions are available
  • Hight rigidity values and load capacities
  • Seven folg safety for seams and fabric
  • Perfect flow-out characteristics
  • Complete emptying
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can also be assembled in very inaccessible locations
  • Maximal space utilisation
  • Are available in rectangular or square shapes
  • Very long service life
  • Free choice of shut-off and emptying devices




Discharge Aids

Highly effected and tested discharge aids for safe discharge


Discharge problems cause high costs through plant hold-up or incorrect mixtures. The manufacturer of our flexible silos (A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH) have decades of experience in the prevention or removal of discharge problems in storage bins (silo, container). Safe discharge is guaranteed by the fitting or retro-fitting of highly effective discharge aids, the characteristics of which are precisely adapted to the stored goods.

The benefits of dischargers:

  • Guarantee safe discharge
  • Can be adapted to the shape of the existing container
  • Protects the stored goods from e.g. grinding or breaking
  • Minimal power consumption



Fluid-Ex® (patent-No.: 37 22 332)

With the help of Fluid-Ex® the air that escapes during storage is injected and so the bulk good become a well flowing material.


Periodic injection and extracting of air into the air-holding cone varies the geometry. Bulk good bridges are broken down and the bulk goods flow out freely.


Multiple air bags arranged in the cone constantly change its profile and discharge angle, so that bridge formations are inhibeted.


Intelligent material combinations reduce the friction coefficient of the silo wall as well as in the cone area, thereby ensuring the greatest possible degree of smoothness on the outer walls.