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Material distributor

Coupling stations serve as distributors in vacuum conveying systems. The structure as a modular system offers qualitative and financial advantages. All parts are manufactured according to the standard and are assembled to a coupling station according to the customers' needs. Thanks to the standardization of the components they can be handled as stock items and the delivery time can be reduced significantly.

Of course, we also manufacture special solutions which we develop in cooperation with our customers.

The coupling station consists in a base frame of 40 x 40 x 2,0 mm square tube made of stainless steel with square cross-connections made of stainless steel, polished grain 240th.

In order to be able to exchange the tube elements at any time, all pipe parts are connected with pipe connectors. The laterals and inlet arches are either stainless steel or glass (with highly abrasive bulk materials).

At each outlet there are couplings (Kamlok male part), which are closed with a blind cap. If required, we also provide the counterpart of the coupling (Kamlok mother part with hose) that fits on that hose.