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Recycling systems for windows-PVC

The WRS Recycling Plant is specially designed for the processing of PVC window profiles. Granulated PVC from production wastes and postconsumer windows can be recycled. After the WRS separation, the resulting PVC is of such a high purity that it can be used directly for co-extrusion for new window profiles.

Your Benefits:

  • Dry separation process
  • Highest PVC purity
  • Low PVC loss
  • Fully automated system
  • High throughputs with 24/7 operation
  • Separation independent of specific weight




The WRS Window Recycling Plant is specially designed for the cost-effective processing of PVC window profiles, profile off-cuts and postconsumer windows.

The granulated PVC is first de-dusted and processed with the EKS electrostatic separator, removing virtually all non-rigid PVC elements. The separat ion is independent of both the colour and specific weight. The EKS generates a charge differential between the rigid PVC and rubber/other plastics. Other contaminants, such as metal, wood, glass and minerals are removed with the KWS electrostatic separator. Following electrostatic separation the clean PVC granulate has a purity of 99.5 %. An optical sorter is usually used in conjunction with electrostatic separator to sort the clean PVC into white granulate.