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Electrostatic separators KWS

The KWS Electrostatic Metals/ Plastic Separators separate even the smallest metal particles from plastics and other non-conductive materials, using a dry separation process. This technology separates metals, such as steel, copper, aluminum and precious metals. Conductive materials, such as wood, paper, conductive rubber etc., are also separated from plastics. For best results, the material to be separated must be dry and have a particle size of less than 5 mm.


  • Cable Scrap
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Shredder Dust / sanding dust
  • Aluminium skeleton waste
  • And many more

Your Benefits:

  • Dry separation process
  • Separation of finest metal particulates
  • High end product purity and throughput
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Full automated system
  • Virtual wear-free operation


The material mix to be separated is charged using a high voltage. Conductive materials discharged when they come in contact with the metal drum, thus centrifuging off. Nonconductive materials remain charged and are attracted to the metal drum, thus sticking to the drum for longer.

DR.R.S. – INTERNATIONAL GmbH can provide the complete separation solution using feed silos and automated material logistics for fully automated recycling operation in three work shifts.

The R.R.S. – INTERNATIONAL GmbH range of KWS Electrostatic Separators has a material throughput of up to 1,500 kg/hour in configurations capable of meeting all your technical requirements. All systems will be supplied with integrated screw conveyors for rapid efficient material transport.