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Electrostatic separators EKS

The EKS Electrostatic Separators for the separation of polymers can separate mixed plastics, achieving a purified plastics-fraction using a dry process at low processing costs.

Material mixes of PS/ABS, PVC/rubber, HDPE/PP, PET/PVC, PP/PS, ABS/PMMA, PVC/PE and many others are efficiently separated.

The EKS systems separate material mixtures independently of their colour and can also handle plastics which are black. The polymer mixtures for separation need to be dry and dust-free with a partical size from 6 to 12 mm.


  • Technical plastics
  • Plastics/production waste
  • Electronic scrap
  • Cable scrap
  • And many more

Your Benefits:

  • Dry separation process
  • High yields
  • Proven turnkey system
  • Separation independent from material
  • size and colour
  • Fully automated system


Mixed plastics are charged in a loading unit using the tribo-electric method. Resulting in different polymer types charging positive or negative, the charged particles are now transported towards a high-voltage field which either attracts or pushes the particles away depending on the charge. The R.R.S. – INTERNATIONAL GmbH Electrostatic Separation Technology is the most efficient process for the separation of two polymer types in one pass. Using the integrated feed silos and automated material logistics, the R.R.S. – INTERNATIONAL GmbH technology enables the process of materials with high throughputs 24/7.